Civic engagement is the bedrock of our democracy. We often take for granted simple, but significant rights, such as the right to vote and the right to political assembly. However, the maintenance of these freedoms requires collective work. One person cannot be expected to put in 100% of the work, but if we all make up that same 100% together, we will reach our common objective with shared sacrifice and effort.

I seek to encourage the values of community service and civic engagement in our youth and our residents. If the proper steps are taken now, our children and their children will enjoy a prosperous, peaceful and enjoyable community, in which the American Dream will flourish. With your help, we can get our neighbors involved in the political process and make sure we are all part of the conversation. I plan to expand access to community initiatives and organize events in partnership with local neighborhood organizations to give the people of District 58 the opportunity to contribute time and effort to improve our neighborhoods.

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