Pawtucket wants to get back to work. But when was the last time we heard of bringing jobs to our district? Small businesses are the backbone of our state economy. There is no reason we cannot employ ourselves instead of relying on major corporations to open branches.  Now is the time to ride the wave of economic recovery and jumpstart our local economy in a sustainable way, while attracting others to our great state. With your help, we can plant the seeds of a sustainable economic model:

  • Focus on job training and adult education for a competitive workforce in an increasingly complex world.
  • Increase access to information regarding federal programs (tax incentives, small business grants, etc.) for small businesses and startups in the Districts.
  • Explore renewable energy technology as a viable option for the near future both as an energy source and as an economic engine creating local employment. Renewable energy is key to a successful and sustainable local economy today.
  • Establish District 58 Business Committee consisting of local business owners and elected officials to address the ongoing economic situation and work collectively to nurture an environment where small businesses can thrive. We can employ each other.
  • Advance employment opportunities for young people in the District.
  • Build upon Pawtucket’s success in the arts and help market our partners in the arts community to make our city an arts and culture destination.

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